About us

The beach

Our beach club has a wide sandy beach that gently slopes down to the sea. Relaxation in Salento-style is our motto.

Our history

Our family is our story...
since 1950 we manage the beach and the restaurant, first thanks to my grandfather Salvatore and his wife Vittoria, then it passed to their children Antonio and Graziella, respectively my father and my aunt ... now I, Francesco manage with brothers and cousins ​​together with our families and collaborators the entire structure to offer our dear guests the simplest and most authentic service…

… we have always tried to solve the problems of our guests, who are many every year, and who keep coming to us, and writing to us in summer and in winter. Especially families and their children. After a full year of work it is obvious that a well-deserved holiday is needed and we understand that, and our services are aimed precisely at offering families the best holiday experience. Parents can finally relax because with us you will find many offers for children, such as the mini club, but also special menus for the little ones. But all this without omitting the service for adults, offering them an excellent traditional cuisine and a beach service able to satisfy everyone in the most professional way .

… Respect, trust and ethics are important to us to grow together and meet all your needs …

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